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Reminiscent dream butterfly fluttering green flooded lately television screens, becoming a frequent guest of all American homes. Last year, there were 43 million prescriptions written out on sleeping pills, which means 32-percent increase in their consumption as compared to the year 2011. Buy Ambien online ! More convincing evidence that the population of the country almost without exception suffering from insomnia, it is difficult to imagine. But at the same time the question arises - whether the pills are the best way to deal with this trouble?
To answer this question, the magazine Consumer Reports in a section entitled "Drugs in highest demand" ("Best Buy Drugs"), reports on the results of comparative testing of the effect of different hypnotic drugs (see "Comparing sleeping pills") and other means to improve sleep. This report, based on scientific analysis, carried out as part of a project to investigate the effectiveness of drugs, placed after the last data on preparations against heartburn, high blood pressure and pain. This project, funded by the authorities fifteen states, is to figure out which drugs should be paid for Medicaid. Get introduced to section "Best Buy Drugs" Consumer Reports magazine is available for free through our website. How to buy ambien online ?

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According to the latest information on insomnia, placed in the section "Best Buy Drugs", Americans may soon start much more likely to use sleeping pills, especially after the pharmaceutical market will be safer drugs. Now most of them have harmful side effects - from the development of addiction to return insomnia, which may even increase after the person stops taking the medicine. Nevertheless, hypnotic advertising claims that the treatment - the best way to deal with sleep problems.

"Today, anyone with these problems, they say that they can only be solved by medical means," - says Dr. Steven Voloshin, a member of the research team of veteran Medical Center in Vermont, who has studied issues related to medical information of patients.
Moreover, advertising means Ambien, which specifically viewed experts magazine claims that it can take "night after night," without specifying how long it can last without harm to health. Ambien online. Meanwhile, in the original packaging with medication instructions correctly notes that insomnia "usually requires treatment for only a short time, usually 7 - 10 days to two weeks," and that hypnotics in general should not be used for long periods without consulting a doctor . The analysis carried out by experts Consumer Reports, showed that in 2005 the increase in the number of prescriptions for hypnotics, was clearly linked to the increasing number of them devoted to advertisements. The total number of prescriptions for Ambien pills in April (when the drug first appeared on the market), was about one hundred thousand, and by December it had grown to 478,000. Other hypnotic drugs, such as the Sonata (zaleplon) and Rozerem (ramelteon), which were not advertised as intensively as Ambien, and sold relatively few.

Among other factors that increase sales, we should mention a growing concern about the impact of insomnia on health, proactive deployment of advertising campaigns and more frequent offers of free samples of new pharmaceutical products by the attending doctors. Can you buy ambien over the counter ? A free sample is known to seduce and consumers. So, Sanofi Aventis, manufactured by drug Ambien, advertising a new and improved version of Ambien CR, offers patients a free seven-day testing their new items. About doing the same and the company that produces the drug Ambien. Medication Ambien, Ambien, Rozerem and Sonata called "new" to distinguish them from the long-known group of sedatives that includes Restoril (temazepam). "New" means insomnia seem to have less harmful side effects than their predecessors
However, most new drugs can cause drug addiction, insomnia return and perhaps some unusual side effects such as food in a dream and sleep while driving. Last spring, for example, a member of the House of Representatives from Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy said that he had taken Ambien and remedy for nausea before made ​​failure in the face of the night with another car near the Capitol, where for some reason he went ... to vote. Experts Consumer Reports magazine viewed composed in 2005, reports the FDA's so-called "adverse events" and found Ambien mentioned in 150 such events, including loss of orientation, aggressiveness, hallucinations and injuries. Buy ambien online legally ! More than 70 of these cases were associated with hospitalization, and nine resulted in the death of the participants.


Actually, insomnia itself is associated with certain risks. Many serious car accident caused by drugs is associated with excessive sleepiness of the driver. Insomnia complicating cardiovascular disease, as well as disorders of the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems, especially in obese people. Advice of experts:

  • If you have trouble sleeping, first consider non-drug treatments for type improves sleep relaxation techniques.
  • Unstable sleep (sleep disorders, at least during the three nights a week for a month is often associated with other diseases) or bad insomnia and explore new ways to improve sleep through the methods of cognitive behavioral therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy).
  • Nonprescription Ambien, as well as drug doxylamine approved by the FDA as a cure for insomnia.
  • Accompanying reception side effects include discomfort or incertitude in the legs the next day, difficulty urinating, dry mouth.
  • Therefore, they should be taken only as a last resort.
  • Older people are best avoided because they are more than the young, susceptible to harmful side effects.

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Hi, all! Preparation "Ambien" was really a miracle. At night, I, out of habit, after reading the instructions, took two pills at once. And for good reason. Dream I dumped after 15 minutes, I did not even have time to turn off the TV.

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Online, there are also two additional tools to help insomnia. One of them - valerian, which operates sufficiently smoothly and efficiently. Faster sleep and restore the normal rhythm of sleep can also take regularly in the evenings hormone melatonin - buy Zolpidem online. However, there is one "but": as both a means not require the authorization of FDA, the buyer can not be sure that he had bought the drug actually contains the listed ingredients in its composition. If you suffer from chronic insomnia, ask your doctor to prescribe a sleeping pill that you will take during the pre-specified short period of time. You may also need a hypnotic, if traveling, stress, or any serious or unexpected event knocked you out of the rut and you three nights in a row or three times in one week had difficulty sleeping. In this case it is possible to achieve relief taking one of the more modern drugs for insomnia, but no more than 7-10 days. Do not use the medication with alcohol, which can increase the risk of harmful side effects. Buy ambien online overnight !